Saturday, December 23, 2006


By Grannie Annie
Twas the night before Christmas
And all through his house,
St. Nick at the North Pole
Was as busy as a mouse.

Rudolph was ready,
Pawing the ground,
Waiting for St. Nicholas
To tell him their rounds.

St. Nick was still working,
Tuning up his GPS.
Feeding in the coordinates,
Don’t want any mess.

The place where we’re going
Is very hard to find.
Bastard Nation is our destination.
It lives within Bastard’s minds.

So our job tonight,
Said Santa to his reindeer,
Is to find all the Bastards
Who live in this sphere.

I’m bringing them a message
Of Christmas cheer.
Sealed records and baby dumps
Must disappear!

The bastards are nestled
All snug in their beds,
With visions of open records
Dancing in their heads.

Bastards’ stockings are hung
By their chimneys with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas
Soon will be there.

Through the night sky
The coursers they flew.
With a sleigh full of court orders
And legislative bills too.

He was a right jolly old man,
All in red he was dressed,
With a Bastard Nation T-shirt
Proudly covering his chest.

First stop. Ohio.
Bastard Mother Marley lives here.
No more baby dumps,
Oh founding foundling dear.

All deformers and dimwits
Get nothing but coal.
Bastards get equality -
They already have soul.

Santa spoke not a word,
As he opened his sack.
Filled all the stockings
With shiny keys from his pack.

All decorated with bows
Were these sparkly golden keys.
They open all the right doors
To set every adoptee free.

Freedom Keys, I call them,
Said dear old St. Nick.
And I’m counting on the Bastards
To use them all - quick!

It was a long journey
For St. Nick and his team.
Now he’s on his way home
He’s fulfilled Bastards’ dreams.

But I heard him explain, ere he flew out of sight,
Happy Christmas to Bastards . Keep up the good fight.

Grannie Annie wishes everyone peace and joy
during the holiday season and in the new year.


Sunday, December 10, 2006



When you pass out privileges, you pick and choose.
When you pass out civil rights, it’s all or nothing.

The Bastardette at wrote an eloquent blog about New Jersey Bill S1087 and the New Jersey Dimwits associated with it, some of whom support the bill as amended and others who think the bill is giving away the farm.

I’d like to say a few words about the Deformers in New Jersey who continue to support this bill with the conditional amendments added in a Senate Committee. The Deformers are as much the enemy of equal rights for all adoptees as are the Dimwits.

Deformers, unlike Dimwits, are for the most part adopted men and women who have worked very hard for many years to see an equal access bill pass in New Jersey. They are not governmental officials. They are adoptees just like you and me. They want original birth certificates be issued to adopted adults. Their hearts are in the right place. But heads are needed too, in order to pass legislation that will benefit ALL ADOPTED ADULTS.

The Deformers in New Jersey have fashioned a “Mother, May I?” amendment allowing birthmothers 12 months following passage of the bill in which to file an affidavit of nondisclosure. This means that if a birth mother signs a statement saying she doesn’t want her identity known to her child of adoption, then that adoptee doesn’t get his or her birth certificate- possibly forever.

New Jersey is actually handing over its constitutional responsibility of issuing birth certificates to birth mothers who claim they want their privacy. These are the same birth mothers, I might add, who legally and irrevocably gave up all legal rights to their children at the time of the relinquishment.

Giving birthmothers this veto power is a crucial point in adoptee rights negotiations. And it is at this point where the Bastards part ways with the Deformers.

Bastards believe ALL adopted men and women are entitled to unconditional access to their original birth certificates. Bastards believe that “Mother, May I?” clauses are demeaning to all adopted adults. Bastards believe that endowing birth mothers with veto powers turns the issuance of original birth certificates into a privilege rather than a right. Bastards believe that equal access for ALL citizens to the documents of their birth is a human and civil right.

When you pass out privileges, you pick and choose.

When you pass out civil rights, it’s all or nothing.

I’m not a deformer and I can’t speak for them. But I don’t understand why they chose to fold at this crucial moment. I don’t understand why Deformers are willing to sell out for less than unconditional records for all adoptees. And I don’t understand how Deformers can rationalize leaving some adoptees out in the cold. How can it be okay for the state to give original birth certificates to some, but not all adoptees?

Passing a bill is a long and arduous task. Going back to the legislature for changes the following year isn’t realistic. History has proven that once conditional legislation has passed, it is not revisited any time. Deformers, remember the old saying, “Be very careful what you wish for. It might come true.”

Besides dividing adoptees into two classes, I wonder if Deformers seriously consider the reality of setting precedents. When one state passes a controversial law, its effects are felt in other states. New Jersey is a very large state. Other states will look towards the bigger ones when it’s their turn to craft an adoptee rights bill. If it’s okay with all those millions of folks in New Jersey, then it must be okay for us. Deformers - that’s what it means to set a precedent. It’s dangerous.


S 1087 is a search and reunion bill. Both the Dimwits and the Deformers will agree on this. They both blabber about how much or how little the state should be in the business of managing the private affairs of adopted adults and birth mothers. Some want more state interference, others will settle for less. Bastards want no part of a search and reunion bill. Bastards want no government interference in the private issues of adopted men and women.

The state sealed the records long ago and the time has come for the state to unseal them. Reunions, good or bad, have absolutely nothing to do with adoptees having equal access to their original birth documents.

Bastard Nation leaves no adoptee behind. Bastard Nation will never support conditional legislation where some adoptees will be left to the whims of the birth parents who legally relinquished all claims to them many years ago. We have always opposed those equal access bills that contain conditional sections and we always will.

Bastard Nation is working to bring ALL adopted adults the same equal access to their original birth documents that non-adopted people take for granted. We’ve done it in Oregon. We’ve done it in Alabama. We’ve done it in New Hampshire. And we are working for similar laws until the government treats ALL adopted adults in America equally.

As New Hampshire State Senator Lou D’allesandro said on the eve of his state passing its equal access bill, “It’s the right thing to do.”

Monday, December 04, 2006

New Jersey S1087 - Vote No

Honorable Senator:

I am a 65 year old adopted woman. I urge you to vote "NO" to S1087. This bill contains a disclosure veto which will allow birth mothers a year in which to file a veto prohibiting their names from being disclosed to adoptees’ on their original birth certificates.

A disclosure veto presumes that receiving one’s original birth certificate from the state is a privilege rather than a civil and human right of all citizens of the state.

It was the state who sealed ALL the original birth documents and it must be the state that reinstates the issuance of original birth certificates to ALL adopted adults.

How can the state possibly rationalize turning over to birth mothers its constitutional responsibility of issuing original birth certificates? These are the same birth mothers, by the way, who irrevocably terminated all legal rights to their children when their children were adopted.

I urge you to reject Senate Bill 1087 and return to the drawing table. Craft a bill that enables adopted adults to join the ranks of all other citizens of New Jersey. Restore to ALL adult adoptees their right to UNCONDITIONALLY access the records of their birth.

Thank you for your consideration.


Anita Walker Field

Saturday, December 02, 2006

A letter to "Ask Amy"


Dear Amy,

I write in reply to “the adoptive family” whose letter was published on Saturday, November 18, in the Chicago Tribune. This family wrote to express its gratitude to an invisible birth mother for their adopted son and his seven grandchildren. And your answer was as expected: everyone is grateful to the ghost birth mother who made all this happiness possible.

Beyond the expected "gratitude," where are the feelings for these birth mothers? Don’t you think that almost every birth mother would want to meet the wonderful family she created? Why must these “tough choices” be forever? Why can’t adults decide for themselves with whom they want to associate.

I am a 65 year old adopted woman. I have two wonderful children and three marvelous grandchildren. Not one day goes by when I don’t wish that my birth mother, “Margaret Walker,” and her family could know my wonderful family. She made it all possible and I would love for her to share in the joy.

Sealed records laws in 45 states in our country, Illinois included, make this feat daunting if not impossible for most of us adoptees. Our birth records are impounded at and sealed in perpetuity at the time our adoptions are finalized. The state governments have made it just as difficult as possible for us ever to be able to meet our first families.