Friday, November 10, 2006

Madonna Adopts a Child


All sorts of do-gooders are rallying the media into a frenzy about Madonna’s adopting a little boy from an orphanage in Africa. They are outraged because poor unfortunate David is being torn from his own culture. His ethnicity and ancestry are being stolen from him.

That’s true all right. Little David will grow up in a family that is totally different from that of his biological parents. So what else is new? This is exactly the same thing that happens to every child of adoption right here in the good old USA. I was adopted in Chicago many years ago. Once the judge signed my adoption decree, I became a new person, just like David. As soon as the ink was dry, all of my adoption records and my original birth certificate were impounded by the state of Illinois and sealed in perpetuity.

But little David’s ancestry will not be sealed away from him forever. Madonna has announced that she intends to take David back to his country on a regular basis so that he can learn about his ancestry. Even if Madonna never keeps this promise, when David reaches the age of maturity, his biological heritage will be there for him for the taking. That’s because in the UK, where Madonna currently resides, adult adoptees have been able to access their original birth records since the mid 1970’s. The Brits understand that adults who were once children of adoption should have the same rights as all other citizens to access the records of their birth.

And Madonna? She’s adopting a child who needs a home. Isn’t that what adoption is all about?!

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L said...

"And Madonna? She’s adopting a child who needs a home. Isn’t that what adoption is all about?!"

Amen sister!