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Please Forward Me Everywhere!

Grannie Annie aka Anita Field aka Anita Walker Field

I am an adoptee. I need your help. I have been searching for any biological relatives since 1993 with no success I cannot find one single person, living or dead, who even
remotely resembles any name in my adoption file. My only hope now is for
someone, somewhere to recognize my birth story or see a resemblance in my face.
I need national, or international exposure. How else but the Internet to get
seen around the world fast? Please forward this blog freely to every person,
Email List, organization, blogsite, etc. that you can think of. You have my
grateful permission to send me around the world..

I was a gray market baby, bought and paid for, and I came with falsified
records. I have two different dates of birth. My place of birth, particularly,
is in doubt and that is why the federal government did not want to issue me a
passport. I may have been "shipped" to Chicago from a baby farm and then given
up for adoption. Or, my birth mother may have come to Chicago just to give
birth. She could have been housed in one of the illegal maternity homes which
were thriving right in the very same Chicago Uptown/Edgewater neighborhood where
both my adoptive parents and my birth mother resided.


Name of Infant: empy line on birth certificate. – no name entered, not even Baby Girl. Adoption Decree - Baby Girl Walker, adopted Anita Mae Abramson, married
name Anita Field, aka Anita Walker Field and Granny Annie.

Date of birth: August 6th or 9th, 1937.

Place of birth: Will Rogers Memorial Hospital, 6970 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL.
[This hospital changed names many times. In Feb. 1938 it became Rogers Hospital,
Rogers Park Hospital or Doctor’s Hospital.]

Attending physician: Alice Teola Wilson, MD, 4611 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL
Legitimate? No

Maiden Name of birth mother: Margaret Walker
Name of birth father: "Mr. (first name unknown) last name Walker"

Birth mother’s residence at time of birth: 4840 N. Magnolia St., Chicago, IL

Birth mother’s age at time of birth: 17

Birth mother’s place of birth: Gary, Indiana

Adoptive parents: Charles & Tillie Abramson

Adoptive parent’s residence at time of birth: 5240 N. Sheridan Rd. Chicago, IL.

Adoptive parent’s attorney: Theodore Kahn, 188 Randolph, Chicago, IL.

Private Placement: Approximately 5 days to 2 weeks after birth.

Believe Me, Folks, I’ve Really Tried!

I have been continuously searching for my biological relatives since 1993 with
no success. But not for the want of trying.

I used the Illinois Confidential Intermediary System. Three different
court appointed social workers from Midwest Adoption Agency spent two years on
my case, only to ask for its dismissal after 2 years because they could not find
even one person, living or dead, who even remotely resembled any person named in
my adoption file.

I hired Christine Lee of Kinsolving Investigations. If she found anyone, I
was to pay her $2,900. After 6 months, Ms. Lee dismissed my case because she was
not successful in finding anyone. I still had my money - but no family.

I have hired many other private "searchers" along the way - a woman from
Lake County, Indiana, a gentleman from Kansas, and a searcher in Chicago.

I successfully petitioned the Circuit Court of Cook County and the IL
Dept. of Public Health. In my petition, I asked that all my adoption files as
well as my original birth certificate be turned over to me. In January 1997, I
received these documents. The "information" in my vital stats is from my original
birth certificate and the adoption file. I know there are omissions,
contradictions, half-truths, and lies in these documents but when your adoption
isn’t legal, what can you expect?!

Since 1994, I have continuously been active in online Internet Email Lists
for searching adoptees, as well as becoming a vocal advocate for adopted adults.
I have made numerous contacts all over the globe and have had wonderful people
from all over trying to help me. God bless them all, but we found no

I have put my name on every Adoption Registry and genealogy
messge board I can find. I’ve taken out personal ads in both newsapers and
magazines, but no one knows me.

I really need a miracle.



Anonymous said...

I so hope that you find your miracle, Anita.

Anonymous said...


As both your friend and brother Bastard I know how much you want, need, and deserve this miracle. I really hope this works for you.


Senior Mom said...


Have you tried any TV talk shows?

Newspaper ads in Chicago, Indiana?

Anonymous said...

Oh Anita I am so sorry sweetheart. I know how absolutely FRUSTRATING this is! I know you all have probably tried everything but I will throw this out there anyway:
The attorney-did you try finding out where his records are located? If he has passed away it's possible either they are archived within the law firm or his living relatives have them. Same goes for the attending DR.
I wish you all the best and will forward your blog to everyone in my book.

Cookie said...


I hope this helps!

Will be thinking of you and hoping for your miracle.

elizabeth said...

Hoping for a miracle for you.

Aunt Patty said...

May God bless you and may this miracle come your way.

I have added your blog to mine. I adjusted the url because when I typed in I couldn't get the page to open.

Peace to you and those you love,
Aunt Patty

Anonymous said...

Checking in to see if there has been any progress. Any luck with the attorney?

Thinking of you!!!

Anonymous said...

you look an alful lot like my mother and exspecially like my grand mother. I know my grand father was orign. from ILL. And I know my g/m has been searching forever as well as my mother for her twin, my mother place of birth is nebraska and DOB of 12/23/39 you can reach me at my mothers parents are veva (Down)and George E. Turner, again you look very much so like my grand mother.

Grannie Annie said...

Dear Friends,

Thank you all so much for your help and your support on my behalf. I don’t have enough words to tell you how much I appreciate it.

Unfortunately, the “facts” of my case lead nowhere. My goal is for someone to recognize something in the “facts” that might be true and trigger a memory of long ago. My second goal is the hope that someone might look at my photos and see a strong family resemblance.

When and if this ever happens, I promise you all that I’ll shout it from the roof tops right here,

Thanks a million for your encouragement and your help.


Grannie Annie aka Anita

MommaMonkey said...

Grannie Annie-
I pray that you are able to find something or someone that can shed a bit of truth on your background. I have a real problem with falsified records and cover-ups when it comes to adoptee's rights. I've posted your blog on my blog to help spread the word. In the mean time I will be praying that you find what you are searching for.

Anonymous said...

best wishes in your search hunny. Ill post a thing on my blog for you as well (im in Australia). Never give up hope princess.


Anonymous said...

I e-mailed you .I am helping a friend find her family and she was born in the same area,like you she has ran into a dead end ,she was borned in 1935 ,her mom was 14 or 15 she(mother) was in a unwed home in Chacigo area,adoption was in Chaigo area also.She also has conflecting dates on her bc.You