Thursday, May 24, 2007

Update: Wanted, a Miracle

Dear Friends,

Thank you all so much for your help and your support on my behalf in looking for a miracle. I don’t have enough words to tell you how much I appreciate it.

Unfortunately, the “facts” of my case lead nowhere. My goal is for someone to recognize something in the “facts” that might be true and trigger a memory of long ago. My second goal is the hope that someone might look at my photos and see a strong family resemblance.

When and if this ever happens, I promise you all that I’ll shout it from the roof tops right here.

Thanks a million for your encouragement and your help.


Grannie Annie aka Anita


Anonymous said...

Anita, getting to your post long after you requested help! Have a thought... (and you may have tried this already) and that's to check with local churches in the town where you were born, or where your family lived.

Last year I hired Kinsolving to find my father - they located him in Wyoming and gave me three towns where he had lived. The most recent one had no address or phone number. I talked to my friend who is a searcher (just in Canada) and she suggested I try the Greek Orthodox chruch in that town. I called and sure enough he had contacted them a month before I had called (my father is Greek). Kinsolving didn't think of doing this, or maybe they don't look beyond their data bases of information.

Your family may have been part of a congragation and their names in the church's archives.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita,

I have just found your blog and I LOVE it.

I can't wait to read more.

If you have time, stop over at and check out our group of crazy adult adoptees. We're of a mind like yours...fighting for change, for open records, for damn adoptee rights!!!