Thursday, August 06, 2009


When’s the last time you heard…?

“Adoptee groups must never publically criticize the actions of another adoptee organization – it is bad for the total adoption reform movement.”

“Adoptees must stick together.”

“If we don’t support each other, no one else will.”

“You mustn’t poke your nose into a state in which you don’t live because you don’t understand what is right and wrong, good or bad, for that particular state.”

How tired I am of hearing these excuses whenever I publically disagree with a bill or a position or an event held by another adoptee or adoptee group. I am just like any citizen of the United States. I can exercise my freedom of speech and speak out for or against any piece of legislation, in any state, for any reason. I’ve been told that this is name-calling, ignorance, sabotage. But it’s not – it’s debate, dissent, disagreement.

Adoptees don’t belong to one huge fraternity. We have not taken an oath of allegiance to each other. We have never sworn to uphold the “party line.” We are individuals who happen to have been adopted.

Being an adoptee does not define me. Being a citizen with the courage and conviction to speak my mind does.

Three cheers for America, where I can criticize government, write about elected officials, and shout my opinions from the rooftop.


Toff said...

I remember some deformist bozo years ago saying it was somehow a "state's rights'" issue that no people from other states and no national organizations could get involved. He really seemed to think there was something legally or constitutionally wrong about it. Can't remember the guy or the group, though.

Mary Lynn Fuller said...

Great blog, Anita!

It takes many people to speak out for change. Not everyone will say the same thing because we are not all alike. It would be a very boring world if we were!

There are adoptees who think that we should all agree and stick together. But it will never happen. Some people are open to criticism and will learn from it while others will become irate and lash out, including telling lies. Hopefully this type among the Internet adoption community will stop it and place emphasis on open records. It is a shame to waste energy that can be spent more wisely.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for the USA where adopted people are blatantly discriminated against, where they are sold and treated as commodities, where our rights as US citizens are not the same as non-adoptees.

Here, here!!!!

Grannie Annie said...

Yes, that's true. But aren't you glad they left us with freedom of speech?


Joanne Small said...

Yes, Grannie Annie, I am glad "they" left us with freedom of speech. And I so appreciate that you speak out fearlessly, clearly and often. YIB

newbieprotester said...

"Honk if you an adoptee" is also incorrect

newbieprotester said...

And those numbers - look kinda small those 'marches' of yesteryear