Wednesday, May 19, 2010


"fools" said I, "you do not know
Silence like a cancer grows.
Hear my words that I might teach you,
Hear my words that I might reach you,"
But my words like silent raindrops fell,
     And echoed
  In the wells of silence."
By Paul Simon  "Sound  of Silence"

What do you to have to say about the insult that was sent  out in an Email post dated April 26th under your official Email address - the letter that referred to us as "ungrateful bastards."

HB 5428 says adoptees whose birth parents signed denial forms may come back and try again in 5 years. What will you say to the adoptee who comes back 5 years later and tells you that his or her birth mother died two years ago?

What will you tell the adoptee who was born on January 2, 1946? Why can't he or she get a birth certificate just like the adoptees born on January 1, 1946? How are they different?

You say that somday you will revisit the situation of the adoptees whose birth parents filed a Denial Veto against them. Do you have evidence that any other deformer law has ever been revisited by the deformers and changed to encompass all adoptees in the state?

Homeless children need your help. Adopted adults do not. What makes  you think they do?

Why are you in the adoption search and reunion business?

Why can the State ever uphold an implied agreement between two parties when the agreement violates a third party's civil rights?

Why are you hiding underneath the skirts of birth mothers? Why do you use them as an excuse to keep the records sealed?

Where are you all? Why don't you speak out about your own civil and human rights that are being held hostage by the State? Don't you care what happens to the adoptees in your state?



Von said...

Very sad and such a bad situation.

Mary Lynn Fuller said...

Great blog, Anita! It is straight to the point and should be a reminder to many that we are facing a disaster if Gov. Quinn signs HB 5428. Rep. Sara Feignholtz has proven that she does not think much of us, even an email from her account summarizes how she really feels. If someone in her office sent it out, she is still responsible and we have not heard any apology. Before the insult she handed us the greatest one of all by sponsoring and pushing through a bill that DOES NOT treat all adopted adults equally. Gov. Quinn, do you hear our pleas of VETO? There has not been any correspondence from your office saying that you have.

Marley Greiner said...

I've found it interesting that Sara never made a defense of the email from her office. That, of course, means, it came from there and as a pol she thinks it can blow over. Feigenholtz does have political enemies. And I am sure she's got non-poshy poush queers who don't raise big bucks for her and don't go to her parties in her constituency who are less thrilled with her representation of them. You screw one group, you screw another. She needs to feel someo pain come November.

Unknown said...

The other shoe just dropped in IL. This piece of shit is now the law. I believe that what is needed is a federal repeal of all the fraudulent Vital Public Recods in the US.

Grannie Annie said...

I hear you, Sandy! I'd like to get rid of the amended birth certificates.

I place the IL bill squarely at Sara's feet. I really do believe that she had a good chance of passing a pure bill this time. The numbers were right - even the stars were aligned correctly. But she didn't take the political risk. I think she knew that a compromise bill was hers for the taking.
Grannie Annie

Robin said...

This is one mom that is tired of these ijits trying to hide under my skirt...that's why I wear mostly pants. I am also sick of the industry and legislators doing our talking from us while ignoring what we are really saying as mothers of adoption loss.

Feignholtz just did a little "side step" with this whole process and the result is one of the dirtiest, most ineffective and most convoluted bills to ever come down the pike. Sandy pointed out that, printed out, this bill was 74 pages long! With that much paper, they must have put loopholes inside the loopholes. I am so sorry for all concerned that this bill was passed and signed.

ElaineP said...

Since now it's your State's Law, I pray that you go and get your OBC ASAP.

Grannie Annie said...

Elaine, the check is in the mail.

ElaineP said...

How exciting! I hope you'll post all about it when you get it :)