Sunday, November 28, 2010


Illinois has a new adoption law. It was signed into law on May 21, 2010. I have blogged many times about the dangers of HB 5428, but it passed into law anyway. It’s a done deal now. So why, you might wonder, are so many of us still writing about this terrible law? Why do we continue to warn you about it? We lost, so why don’t we just move on?

Here’s why.

In an article in the Nov. 27th N. Riverside Suburban Life, Representative Sara Feigenholtz said,

“Illinois is the 10th and largest state in the nation to enact such a law, according to Feigenholtz. She said she believes “all eyes are on Illinois” now to see how the legislation pans out. It is her hope that Illinois’ example will serve as a catalyst for other states to take similar action.

“I’m working on doing a film on the Illinois experience so we can help states large and small,” said Feigenholtz.”

Since Rep. Feigenholtz managed to foist this beastly law on Illinois, she’s developed what we used to call a “swelled head.” Not satisfied with botching up Illinois for years to come, she is now setting her sights on “helping” other states. Run for the hills if she comes to yours.

I used to call her the Adoption Maven of Illinois because she is adopted and she has owned adoption in our General Assembly for a long time. Lord help us, now Sara wants to become the Adoption Maven of the United States.

Please don’t ever compare Illinois to any of the six Free States where adoptees can get their original birth certificates with no conditions or restrictions. KANSAS, ALASKA, OREGON, ALABAMA, NEW HAMPSHIRE and MAINE are the Free States. No adoptee in any of these states has to worry about Denial Forms or Disclosure Vetoes. They don’t exist in the Free States. Instead, every adoptee is treated equally with their fellow adoptees and they are also treated equally among all the citizens of their state.

Don’t be fooled by Representative Feigenholtz and her gang. They can blab forever about how wonderful Illinois’ new law is, but no matter what they say, they can never say that Illinois is a Free State. Under the new Illinois law, BIRTH PARENTS ARE ALLOWED TO FILE DENIAL FORMS WHICH WILL RESULT IN ADOPTEES NOT GETTING THEIR ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES.


                          DON'T COPY ILLINOIS.



Marley Greiner said...

We can't say enough about how damaging this law is and that Sneaky Sara is a liar. There could be no worse disaster than if other states looked to this charlatan for help.

Mary Lynn Fuller said...

Illinois is NOT an open records state. We must speak out to how terrible this new law is so other states don't follow suit.

Sara Feigenholtz is lying to the media to evidently make a big name for herself. It is bad enough that so many legislators voted Yea and Gov. Quinn signed the bill into law. But then to turn around and try to convince people that this new law is the greatest thing since the invention of electricity is a LIE.

The more she speaks out for the law the more we need to speak out against it.

A film - well maybe I will volunteer to play a role as a reunited adoptee in her 60's who so far has not obtained an OBC from Springfield although my birth mother is deceased. Discussions are supposedly going on per Feigenholtz to rectify this problem with the new law. Well, let's see I first requested my OBC in early Sept. and it will soon be early Dec. Puke on this new law.