Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I could not fit this answer into the comment section so I've opened another blog instead. I'm in blue.

Okay, so if I am following you. You worked to get records opened in Illinois for 20 years.
No, you are not following me. I worked to get records opened in Illinois for 5 years.

And you failed.
Yes, we failed in IL. Deformer Sara Feigenholtz passed a different bill. But I don’t have to tell you what it says. You can just go to the text and read all 74 pages by yourself. Remember, if you don’t know a word, you can sound it out.

So you want our endorsement because you want another 20 years of no records for anyone?
Hell no, I don’t want your endorsement. Who are you and who do you represent? I never accept anyone’s endorsement who signs themselves “anonymous.”

I mean, I just want to be clear here.
You are not clear here. I think you didn’t read beyond the first few paragraphs. (Was it too hard?) In Oregon, Alabama, New Hampshire and Maine, all (Don't forget; all = 100 %) adoptees have their full rights to their obcs.

You are against most adoptees getting their rights?

WRONG! I am for all adoptees (Remember: (all = 100%) getting their rights.

I believe the executive chair of Bastard Nation used a tiered system to get her rights. Why did she not stand in solidarity with those that had not been given their rights? Why do you rail against arbitrary discrimination and yet at the same time take advantage of it?
Our exec chair speaks for herself and she can be reached through BN at I do know that she has single handedly done more to bring our goal to a reality than you and all of your anonymous friends put together.

How are we supposed to take you seriously when you also rail against people fighting for unconditional access?
Who are these people that I am supposedly fighting against? I have never railed against anyone who supports unconditional access. Name some names, anonymous.

Like you did with the folks you belittled for lobbying state legislators for unconditional access?
HUH? What are you talking about? I’ll say it one more time. I have never belittled anyone for supporting UNCONDITIONAL access.

I mean WTF?
Right back at you.

You are against people lobbying for unconditional access, you are against the Green Ribbon campaign, so much so that you want to put discord as a tag-line in your email.
I did not put a ‘DISCORD” against The Green Ribbon campaign. What is a “discord?"

My colleague and I put a DISCLAIMER on our website and on our newsletter so that our organization, IllinoisOpen, would not be confused with any other adoptee group with a similar name. We never said anywhere that we were automatically against the Green Ribbon Campaign or what it stands for. All we wanted to do was to make sure that people knew we were two different groups.

The disclaimer was added only after an adoptee wanted to send us money. We have no treasury, we are purely voluntary, and we collect NO dues, donations, or other gifts of any kind. The person in question was confusing us with another organization, associated with Green Ribbon, that was soliciting for funds at that time, Adoption Reform Illinois. We wanted no problems about the possibility of us accepting money that was earmarked for another group.

You want to stop everyone from moving forward so we can admire how you have failed for 20 years?
I used to teach reading. If you were in my class, I would give you an F for comprehension and criticial thinking. I would write across your paper, “Are you sure you read the entire passage? Did you skip over the part about Oregon and Alabama and New Hampshire and Maine

Have you ever considered getting therapy?
Have you?

Because, you crazy.
I believe the correct way to write that sentence is “you are crazy.” Sorry, another F.


Mary Lynn Fuller said...

Anonymous sounds like a very bitter person and I do hope that he/she can overcome it. In the meantime attention and concentration while reading would be helpful so that it might prevent lashing out at those who have and will continue to fight hard for adoption reform.

Reform means just that and it would be a blessing for deformers to find something else to do. On a nice day maybe putt-putt golf and on a nasty weather day perhaps Tic-Tac-Toe.

maryanne said...

Anits, the complaints of this illiterate anon sound very familiar, and if she is who I think she is, has a private vendetta against a lot of people and BN in particular. THis is someone who takes every disagreement personally, and never mind the facts. Too bad she has come after you, but don't take it to heart and keep up the good work.

Lori Jeske said...

No only are the comments left my "Anonymous" incoherent and irrational...they can't even be answered because they aren't valid questions.

I'm completely amazed, disheartened and discouraged to the see the number of people who have worked so hard over the years to build awareness and movement towards restoring rights for all citizens. Some of these same people have lost their conviction. Why? Are they getting old and fear dying before they discover what became of their babies? Probably. Are they adoptees who want to know who their birth relatives are? Well sure. Are they trying to "I'll show them!" by getting anything passed? No doubt.

The sad part is, these same desperate and distraught people (mostly women) are willing to throw years and years and years of activism down the tube for crumbs of information. And not only are they prostituting their own rights, they are prostituting the rights of their children...your children and my children.

I am disgusted to see, especially women, devour their own.

Open records, restoring rights, reunions, medical information, blah, blah... isn't about you and me and whether or not you get to find out where you're baby went or I get to meet my's about future generations.

I think conformists are cowards...

Anonymous said...

You're baby? Conformists?
Who's illiterate now?

BD said...

Are you implying that I supported the enactment of a tiered system in Ohio to get my obc? Let's put an end to that lie right now.

I was born in an open records state. My records were never sealed from me. The law that sealed records post-1963 in Ohio was passed in 1963 when I was 17 years old and a high school senior. I got my obc in 1980, and only that late because that was when I first learned it was available to me. The State of Ohio never advertised access back then. That's 30 years ago. I have never at any time supported any legislation that compromises the rights of all bastards to their birth records. Not in Ohio . Not anywhere. Here in Ohio have testified against the tiered system and you can read that testimony on Bastardette.

I fail to understand why it is so difficult for you to comprehend the difference between rights and privilege, and why you attack those of us who fight for YOUR civil rights. Or do you prefer to suck up with the state and if you're really nice you might get a favor from some tax eating apparatchik in a suit? Let me guess the answer.

Shea Grimm said...

Anonymous and her ilk are all about the status quo. Afraid of revolution, afraid of responsibility, afraid of what will happen if adoptees aren't treated like second-class citizens and hand-held through their identity crises. They like their conferences and sessions on how to become a CI, how to charge people $500 per search, and the endless justification of their lifelong need for therapy and primal wound treatment. Things were so much simpler before bastards came along. No one confusing things with that whole complicated "rights" talk.

Anonymous wants us all to go away so she and her cronies can continue to push their reunion films and books and songs and feel good about their capitulations and dysfunction. It's ALWAYS been about marginalizing us ---empowered adoptees. That's what it was back in the 90s and they're just ramping it up again because empowered adoptees rock the boat. Demanding dignity and the due process of law will always win you the scorn of those who profit from your continued oppression.

BD said...

Very well said, Shea.

These appeasers have their own agendas. They love their therapy sessions, their oh-so proper victimhood. They play the well-behaved adoptee so well. Even though they've done nothing to further our rights--in fact, have destroyed any chance of rights restoration in some states, they think they can come around and intimidate us with their name calling and baby stepping 2-step dance of compromise. Boo! I'm so freaking scared! Remember how we were "ruining" things for them with M58?

How appropriate anonymous is anonymous. These keyboard cowboys don't even have the courage to sign their own names, much less see a clean bill through. If they weren't so scared of bastards, they wouldn't posting their anti-bastard diatribes on the 'net.

Anonymous said...


You say you taught reading and don't know what discord is, public school teacher perhaps? What language did you teach people to read?

Leader of Bastard Nation, doesn't know that discord is a word.

Oh and you should look it up, the internet has defintions. Maryanne can also look up illiterate, she needs help too.

And the I take advantage of tierd access, very good defense, cough, I mean very convincing. It works for you and screw the others.

Personally, I liked this

but then, this woman is living in reality.

I can't wait to hear about Mary Lynn Fuller knocking people down, can you?

Anonymous said...

One more thing:

You Crazy

Mary Lynn Fuller said...

It would humor me to clean the pavement with some of you protestors who kiss butt instead of holding out so ALL adopted adults can have access to their OBC.

There is help available for people like you, please seek it. You and your kind are detrimental to the adoption reform movement. We DO NOT need you so please find a time consuming hobby.

Toff said...

It's unfortunate that there aren't more adoptees who believe in adoptee rights and that deformers are so committed to the harming the cause. Bill Pierce would've been delighted, I suspect.

Shea Grimm said...

I'm not so sure Anonymous is an adoptee, although there are certainly some out there who think like her. By the way, Anon, while discord is certainly a word, you used it incorrectly in your sentence. Would you like an example of correct usage to help you out?

"There is a babbling, incoherent, anonymous poster slithering around attempting to sow discord amongst adoptee rights proponents on this blog."

Attila The Mom said...

Darling Grannie, you don't have to post your bone fides for anybody. Those "in the know" realize the contributions you've made over the years for the open records cause, especially us Bastards.

If you decide to respond to anonymoose again (who I suspect is PWD or PWM), my advice is to ask what she/he/it has personally done for the cause other than sit behind a computer screen and po' mouth. Of course, you won't get an answer, because, doh, that is what anonymooses do.

Yeah, you crazy. You crazy fantabulous Bastard you!

Anonymous said...

Alltop is all effed up.
Today is the 31 July and Alltop brings me here. WTF?

(Kind of OT and picky, but I really don't like blogs where comments record time of day but no date)