Thursday, May 11, 2006



I wish to pay tribute to 3 WONDERFUL mothers:

My birthmother, Margaret M. Walker, who bore me and whom I have never found.
My adoptive mother, Tillie Abramson, who passed away in 1962.
My mother in law, Toby Finkelman, who died in 1989.

I miss then all very much! Each one is special to me.

I also want to pay tribute to my WONDERFUL family. Through their lives I get a glimpse of the future and this is truly a blessing.

My husband, Bob
My daughter, Andrea
My son, Ted
My daughter in law, Ann
My two darling granddaughters, Ella and Olivia
My grandson, due to meet the world on June 5th.

They fill my heart with joy. Each and every day I thank the Gods and Goddesses for their love.

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