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Augusta, Maine: LD 1805, an adoptee rights bill that would have recognized the right of all adopted adults in Maine to unconditionally access their original birth certificates passed away last week. LD 1805 is survived by its sponsor, Representative Gerald M. Davis and its near and dear cousin, New Hampshire Senate Bill 335.

LD 1805 was feeling well until it was sent to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary where it’s health began to falter. Representative Pelletier-Simpson and Senator Faircloth started carving up the bill, finally causing septicemia to set in. The bill became a skeleton of itself. Alas! It was an adoptee rights bill no more.

LD 1805 is survived by its many devoted friends in Bastard Nation who steadfastly stood by the original LD 1805 until it was rendered brain dead by the Judiciary Committee. Bastard Nation members know that bad bills cannot be allowed to be passed into law. They wrote letters and made telephone calls to the bill’s sponsor, to Access 2006, and to the members of the Committee, asking them to kill this bill. Access 2006, unable to let go of an old friend, would not agree. They could not see that LD 1805 had been poisoned beyond recognition. They did not understand that the contaminated LD 1805 would spread to bills in other states. They were not aware of the dire consequences to all Maine adoptees if this bill had been allowed to live.

Mercifully, LD 1805's sponsor finally pulled the plug.

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Marley Greiner said...

Bwwaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! The obit is sure to annoy somebody. Euthanize sick bills. It's the humane thing to do!