Monday, December 04, 2006

New Jersey S1087 - Vote No

Honorable Senator:

I am a 65 year old adopted woman. I urge you to vote "NO" to S1087. This bill contains a disclosure veto which will allow birth mothers a year in which to file a veto prohibiting their names from being disclosed to adoptees’ on their original birth certificates.

A disclosure veto presumes that receiving one’s original birth certificate from the state is a privilege rather than a civil and human right of all citizens of the state.

It was the state who sealed ALL the original birth documents and it must be the state that reinstates the issuance of original birth certificates to ALL adopted adults.

How can the state possibly rationalize turning over to birth mothers its constitutional responsibility of issuing original birth certificates? These are the same birth mothers, by the way, who irrevocably terminated all legal rights to their children when their children were adopted.

I urge you to reject Senate Bill 1087 and return to the drawing table. Craft a bill that enables adopted adults to join the ranks of all other citizens of New Jersey. Restore to ALL adult adoptees their right to UNCONDITIONALLY access the records of their birth.

Thank you for your consideration.


Anita Walker Field

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Anonymous said...

RE S1087
If a birth mother uses the disclosure veto then only her first name is left off the birth certificate. The adoptee still gets his original first and last names no matter what.Without this option no bill will ever pass in NJ.It would be better if we didnt have to grant this but its a small price to pay for the adoptees who will now have their medical records as well as their names. Lives will be saved by this bill and demanding all or nothing always gets you nothing. We cant wait another 26 years.